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Advertising Characters
Dominos Pizza and The Noid

Fast Food Restaurant Collectibles - Dominos Pizza Noid
$4.00 each 2 1/2" - 3"H

1988 Domino's Pizza Noid Figures

Dominos2 Noid with Jackhammer
Dominos3 Noid with Magic Wand
Dominos4 Noid with Boxing Gloves

Condition: Loose Very Good
Fast Food Collectibles - Dominos Pizza Noid Fridge Magnet
Dominos20 $5.00

2" x 2" Dominos Pizza Noid Heavy Duty Magnet

Condition: Excellent
Fast Food Collectibles - Dominos Pizza Avoid the Noid Glasses
Dominos15 Tennis SOLD OUT!

Dominos16 Water Skiing $7.00

5"H Domino's Pizza NOID Glasses 1987

Condition: Excellent
Fast Food Collectibles - Dominos Pizza Avoid the Noid Plastic Cups
Dominos17 $5.00 set of 4

Domino's Pizza 4"H Plastic Cups

Condition: Very Good (some discoloration along the top near the rim)
Fast Food Collectibles - Dominos Pizza Noid FiguresFast Food Collectibles - Dominos Pizza Noid Figures

Dominos8 Noid with Bomb SOLD OUT!
Dominos9 Noid Standing with Fists SOLD OUT!

Condition: Very Good
minor paint missing on hands
Domino's Pizza, Inc., doing business as Domino's, is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960 and led by CEO Richard Allison. The corporation is Delaware domiciled and headquartered at the Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As of 2018, Domino's had approximately 15,000 stores, with 5,649 in the U.S., 1,500 in India, and 1,249 in the U.K. Domino's has stores in over 83 countries and 5,701 cities worldwide.
In late 1986, Domino's was well known for its advertisements featuring a character called the Noid, created by Group 243 Inc. who hired Will Vinton Studios to produce the television commercials that featured the character. The catchphrase associated with the commercials was "Avoid the Noid".
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