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Video Game Characters
PacMan POP! Vinyl Figure
Pacman8 $12.00

3 3/4"H Pac-Man POP! Vinyl Figure

2016 Funko

Condition: Mint in Box

Ms. PacMan POP! Vinyl Figure
Pacman9 $12.00

3 3/4"H Ms. Pac-Man POP! Vinyl Figure

2016 Funko

Condition: Mint in Box

PacMan Keyring, Key Ring, Keychain, Key Chain
PacMan10 $6.00

1 1/2"H Pac-Man Plastic Keyring
2016 Pocket Pop! Keychain by Funko

Condition: Mint with Tag
PacMan Pinback Buttons - Pinky, Blinky, Inky, Clyde
Pacman7 $18.00

Set of 7 PacMan 1 1/2"D Pinback Buttons
Set includes Pacman, Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde

Condition: Excellent

Nintendo - Bowser Beanbag Character
Bowser1 $10.00

5 3/4"H Bowser Beanbag Character
1997 BD&A

Condition: Mint with Tag
Donkey Kong Plush Stuffed Animal
DonkeyKong4 SOLD OUT!

12"H Donkey Kong Plush
2003 Kellytoy / Nintendo

Condition: Mint with Tag
Nintendo - Yoshi Pez Dispenser
Yoshi5 $5.00

Yoshi Pez Dispenser

Condition: New in Package with Candy
Nintendo - Toad Kinopio Pez Dispenser
Toad1 $5.00

Toad / Kinopio Pez Dispenser

Condition: New in Package with Candy
Sega - Sonic the Hedge Hog Plush Stuffed Animal
Sonic2 $5.00

6"H Sonic the Hedgehog Plush
2000 Strottman Int'l

Condition: Very Good
Nintendo - Mario Talking Plush
Mario2 $8.50

15"H Mario Plush
1997 Nintendo / Treasures Inc.

Condition: Excellent
No Longer Talks - May Need New Battery
Nintendo - Yoshi Windup Walker Figure
Yoshi4 $4.00

3 1/2"H Yoshi Wind-Up Walking Figure
2002 Burger King

Condition: Excellent
Frogger LCD ClockFrogger LCD Clock
Frogger1 $3.00

Frogger2 Figure / LCD Clock

Condition: Excellent
Clock No Longer Works
Nintendo - Mario Plastic Spring PVC Figure
Mario5 $4.00

Mario Plastic Spring Figure
1989 Nintendo

Condition: Excellent
Nintendo - Mario Plush Figure
Mario6 SOLD OUT!

5"H Mario Plush Figure with Vinyl Head
2004 Nintendo / Wendy's

Condition: Excellent
Nintendo - Mario Slot Machine Game
Mario7 $3.00

Mario Plastic Toy

Condition: Excellent
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