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Magazine/Comic Characters
Mad Magazine - Alfred E Neuman

Mad Magazine - Alfred E Neuman POP! Vinyl Figure
Mad10 $12.00

Mad Magazine Alfred E Neuman
3 3/4"D POP! Vinyl Figure #29


Condition: Mint in Box
Mad Magazine - Alfred E Neuman Metal Pinback Button
Mad9 $5.00

Mad Magazine Alfred E Neuman
2 1/4"D Pinback Button

Condition: Excellent
Mad Magazine - Alfred E Neuman Bobble Head Nodder Doll

Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman 8"H Head Knocker Bobblehead Doll

2004 NECA

Condition: Mint in Box
Mad (stylized as MAD) is an American humor magazine founded in 1952 by editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines, launched as a comic book before it became a magazine. It was widely imitated and influential, affecting satirical media, as well as the cultural landscape of the 20th century, with editor Al Feldstein increasing readership to more than two million during its 1973-74 circulation peak. The magazine, which is the last surviving title from the EC Comics line, publishes satire on all aspects of life and popular culture, politics, entertainment, and public figures. Its format is divided into a number of recurring segments such as TV and movie parodies, as well as freeform articles. Mad's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, is typically the focal point of the magazine's cover, with his face often replacing that of a celebrity or character who is lampooned within the issue.
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