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Space Collectibles
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Space Collectibles - Alien Telephone
Space1 $35.00

11"H Disc Shaped Alien Telephone

Condition: Mint in Box
Space Collectibles - McDonalds Young Astronauts Set
Space2 $12.00

Young Astronauts Set of 5 Space Toys
including Under 3 Toy
These Multi-part Models with Pressboard
and Plastic Parts Can be Assembled and Taken Apart Like a Puzzle.

Included are:
Space Shuttle
Lunar Rover
Satellite Dish
Command Module
Ronald McDonald in Lunar Rover (under 3)

1992 McDonald's Corp.

Condition: Mint in Bags
Space Collectibles - Alien Candle Holders
Space3 $5.00/Pair

Ceramic Alien Candle Holders

Condition: Mint in Box
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