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Sugar Bear, Super Golden Crisp and Super Sugar Crisp

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Sugar Bear is the advertising cartoon mascot of Post Super Sugar Crisp (later Golden Crisp) cereal, appearing in commercials for the cereal.
Sugar Bear originally appeared in the 1940s as the mascot of Golden Crisp (then called Sugar Crisp), a cereal produced by General Foods Corporation under the Post brand. The original bear was designed by Robert "Bob" Irwin, a graphic designer for Post Cereal and voiced, in animated commercials, for 40 years by Gerry Matthews in emulation of a Bing Crosby persona– a shallow-eyed, easy going character who crooned his cereal's praises to the tune of "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho".
He was made a character in the 1964 Saturday morning cartoon Linus the Lionhearted. Most of the characters in the series, sponsored by General Foods, were mascots for Post cereal products (permitted at that time, later banned by the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC)).
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