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04/08/24 Garfield Enamel Lapel Pin / Tie Tack (Garfield181)
04/08/24 Marvin the Martian Enamel Lapel Pin / Tie Tack (Looney287)
04/08/24 Woodsy Owl - Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute Metal Magnet (Woodsy3)
02/20/24 Heckle and Jeckle TV Magnet (HeckleJeckle1)
02/20/24 Hong Kong Phooey Vintage Lunchbox Graphic Magnet (Hanna185)
02/20/24 Woody Woodpecker TV Magnet (Woody12) and Vintage Lunchbox Graphic Magnet (Woody13)
02/13/24 General Mills Trix Cereals Retro Magnet (GenMIlls114)
01/03/24 General Mills Monster Cereals Fruit Brute Metal Cereal Box Magnet (GenMIlls40)
12/22/23 Buck Rogers Large 2 1/4"D Metal Pinback Buttons (BuckRogers2 and BuckRogers3)
12/22/23 Tom & Jerry Christmas Metal TV Magnet (TomJerry35)
12/18/23 Felix For President Large 2 1/4"D Metal Pinback Button (Felix7)
12/18/23 Underdog For President Large 2 1/4"D Metal Pinback Button (Underdog25)
11/14/23 Peanuts Set of (4) 10 ounce Glasses (Snoopy191)
11/14/23 Tom & Jerry #4 Mousetrap Wacky Racing Pull-Back Racer (TomJerry2)
10/31/23 I Dream of Jeannie Head Knockers Bobblehead Doll (Jeannie4)
05/11/23 Joe Camel Pool Table Ashtray (Camel7)
05/10/23 Underdog Sweet Polly 5"H Pepsi Collector's Series Glass (Underdog3)
03/03/23 Star Trek TNG 4" PVC Figures: Lt. Worf (StarTrek8), Commander Troi (StarTrek12)
03/02/23 Star Wars items: POTF Endor Rebel Soldier MOC (StarWars51), TaunTaun Open Belly Rescue 1979 (StarWars40), Loose PEZ Darth Vader (StarWars73), Boba Fett (StarWars78), Stormtrooper (StarWars77), Wickett Ewok (StarWars74), R2-D2 Figure with Princess Leia inside (StarWars96)
02/23/23 Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley TV Magnet (Tuxedo1)
02/21/23 Beetle Bailey's General Halftrack Cloth Doll with Vinyl Head (Bailey3)
02/16/23 General Mills Trix Rabbit Magnetic Clip (GenMills9)
11/29/22 Lifesavers Bendable Figures (Lifesaver1 - Lifesaver5)
09/30/22 Herman Munster #196 POP! Vinyl Figure (Munster16)
09/30/22 Garfield (SeeSaw) McDonald's Glass Mug (Garfield12)
07/12/22 Twinkie the Kid POP! Soda Vinyl FIgure (Twinkie5)
02/08/22 Boris Badenov and Fearless Leader Stuffins Beanbag Characters (Bullwinkle3 / Bullwinkle30)
02/08/22 Nell Fenwick Stuffins Beanbag Character (Dudley3)
02/08/22 Ernie the Keebler Elf 5"H Beanbag Character (Keebler3)
02/08/22 Mr. Peabody Stuffins Beanbag Character (Peabody2)
01/12/22 Looney Tunes Bugs and Gossamer Metal TV Magnet (Looney217)
12/24/21 The Brady Kids Cartoon Metal TV Magnet (Brady7)
11/18/21 Secret Squirrel and Snagglepuss Plush from 2000 Dairy Queen (Hanna53 and Hanna54)
11/16/21 KoolAid Man with Sunglasses PVC Figure (Koolaid7)
10/14/21 Herman Munster Exclusive Premiere Action Figure (Munster1)
09/17/21 Looney Tunes Wile E Coyote Rocket PVC (Looney92)
12/10/20 Greg Brady Head Knocker by NECA (Brady1)
12/01/20 Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show Metal TV Magnet (Flint90)
08/11/20 Flintstone's Barney Rubble Wacky Wobbler (Flint33)
08/22/19 Hanna Barbera Metal TV Magnets - several
03/19/19 Droopy Dog Bobblehead Doll (Droopy1)
03/19/19 Great Gazoo Bobblehead Doll (Flint54)
03/19/19 HR Pufnstuf Bobblehead Doll (Pufnstuf1)
12/20/18 Garfield, Arlene, Nermal and Odie PEZ Dispensers
08/14/18 Garfield ERTL Diecast Cars - Lasagna Truck(Garfield128) and Space Shuttle(Garfield129)
08/13/18 ALF PVC Figure - Hawaiian Shirt 1987 (ALF4)
08/06/18 Garfield PVC Sports Figures (Garfield28, Garfield35, Garfield103, Garfield112, Garfield117)
07/12/18 Domino's Pizza Noid Figures (Dominos8 and Dominos9)
07/12/18 Peanuts Snoopy Figures and Ornaments (Snoopy30, Snoopy31, Snoopy137 and Snoopy139)
07/11/18 Scrappy Doo Wind Up Figure (Scooby13)
07/06/18 Starkist Charlie Tuna Metal Adjustable Ring (Starkist3)
06/25/18 Gilligan's Island Gilligan and Skipper Action Figures (Gilligan1 and Skipper1)
06/19/18 ALF TALES Figure - Aladdin and his lamp (Alf36)
06/19/18 Yogi Bear & Friends Rolling Figures - Snagglepuss (Hanna7)
06/13/18 General Mills Mini Pez - Trix, Cherrios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs
09/11/17 ALF TALES Figures (ALF12, ALF14, ALF15, ALF20, ALF33)
09/05/17 Looney Tunes Toon Squad Space Jam Set of 8 (Looney54)
12/21/15 Salem Cigarette Water Puzzle/Game (Salem1)
08/06/15 Rocky the Flying Squirrel 5"H Pepsi Glass 1970's (Bullwinkle43)
05/04/15 E.T. Bendable Figure (ET11)
05/04/15 Several Sesame Street Mini Beans from Kellogg's
05/04/15 Snoopy PVC in Pumpkin Suit (Snoopy142)
05/04/15 Snuggle Bear Mini Beanbags (Snuggle10 and Snuggle12)
10/02/14 Several Garfield, Arlene, Nermal Pez Dispensers
06/20/14 Disney's "The Jungle Book" Baloo Plastic Candy Dispenser (Disney13)
06/20/14 Garfield PVC Figure with "GO" Flag (Garfield115)
06/20/14 Yogi Bear in Picnic Basket Rolling Toy (Hanna2)
06/05/14 5"H Boris Badenov Pepsi Collectors Series Glass from 1970's (Bullwinkle56)
06/05/14 6"H E.T. Glass "Be Right Here" (ET6)
06/05/14 7"H Taz Beanbag Character (Looney120)
06/05/14 3"L Mighty Mouse Suction Cup Figure (MightyMouse2)
06/05/14 6"H "Muppets From Space" Kermit Clip-on Figure (Muppets24)
09/10/13 Wile E Coyote 5"H Pepsi Collectors Series Glass (Looney107)
08/19/13 Bullwinkle 5"H Pepsi Collectors Series Glass (Bullwinkle44)
11/14/12 M&M Christmas Lights Set (MM77)
10/30/12 7Up Spot Telephone (7Up5)
09/27/12 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerio Bee Breakfast Babies Bean Bag (GenMills3)
09/27/12 Peanuts Camp Snoopy Glass - Rats! (Snoopy6)
09/21/12 Many M&M Toppers/Ornaments
09/20/12 Rocky Pepsi Glass (Bullwinkle43)
09/12/12 Bullwinkle Pepsi Glass (Bullwinkle44)
09/12/12 Dudley Do-Right Pepsi Glass (Dudley12)
09/12/12 Underdog Pepsi Glass (Underdog1)
08/22/12 M&M Red Plain Dispenser (1991) and M&M Fun Machine (MM33 & MM73)
08/20/12 Pebbles Flintstone Pez (Flint6)
08/20/12 Garfield's Nermal Pez (Garfield100)
08/20/12 KoolAid Man with Sunglasses PVC Figure (KoolAid6)
08/20/12 Underdog's Simon Barsinister and Sweet Polly Purebred 5"H Pepsi Glasses (Underdog2 & Underdog3)
08/01/12 M&M Lazy Boy Recliner Dispenser (MM38)
06/22/12 M&M "Rebel Wut a Clue" Dispenser (MM89)
12/15/11 Odie 6 1/2"H Dakin Plush (Garfield34)
12/08/11 Garfield Suction Cup Pull Toy (Garfield65)
12/08/11 Thing 2 Plush 5"H Figure (Seuss11)
12/08/11 15"H Snuggle Bear Plush (Snuggle5)
12/01/11 18"H Talking ALF plush (Alf25)
12/01/11 Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Beanbag Character (Wonderland2)
12/01/11 Bambi's Thumper Beanbag Character (Disney5)
12/01/11 Pinnochio's Gepetto Beanbag Character (Pinocchio8)
12/01/11 Tigger & Roo Talking, Singing, Bouncing Plush Doll (Pooh21)
11/22/11 Gumby Toothbrush (Gumby1)
11/21/11 Del Monte Country Yumkin Plush Reddie Tomato (DelMonte4), Lushie Peach (DelMonte6), Juicie Pineapple (DelMonte3), Shoo-Shoo Scarecrow (DelMonte2)
09/22/11 Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Dough Boy Plastic Cookie Cutter (Pillsbury4)
09/09/11 Snow White's Vinyl Posable Dwarfs Grumpy & Bashful (SnowWhite4 & SnowWhite6)
09/09/11 Sesame Street Tickle Me Cookie Monster 12"H (Sesame3)
07/12/11 Alice in Wonderland's March Hare Beanbag (Disney Store) (Wonderland3)
06/02/11 Snoopy & Woodstock 50th Anniversary Figure on Doghouse (Snoopy29)
01/26/11 Garfield PVC Figure with Knife and Fork (Garfield69)
01/26/11 M&M Red, White and Blue Biker Dispenser (MM137) and M&M Jukebox Dispenser (MM76)
12/03/10 Holly Hobbie 1975 Mother's Day Plate (HollyHobbie1)
12/03/10 Pillsbury Dough Boy Vinyl Figure (Pillsbury1)
11/30/10 Flintstones Johnny Lightning Barney Rubble Car (Flint1)
08/25/10 Garfield Plain PVC Figure Sitting (Garfield27)
08/25/10 M&M Blue Basketball Dispenser (MM32)
08/25/10 Green Giant Lil Sprout Plush Hand Puppet (Giant2)
08/23/10 Dudley DoRight 5" Pepsi Glass (Dudley12)
08/23/10 Garfield Skiing PVC (Garfield103)
08/23/10 Looney Tunes Yosemite Sam 6 1/4" Pepsi Glass (Looney111)
08/23/10 Pogo 4"H Vinyl Figure (Pogo1)
07/13/10 Mickey Mouse 10"H Plush Hand Puppet (Mickey55)
07/13/10 M&M Green Candy Topper with hat (MM80)
07/13/10 Scooby Doo 7"L Beanbag Character (Scooby4)
05/18/10 M&M Blue Sax Dispenser (MM31)
05/18/10 Snuggle Bear Mini Beanbags, 12"H Full Body Plush Puppet (Snuggle10, Snuggle12, Snuggle8)
11/18/09 Pogo's Howland Owl Vinyl Figure (Pogo4)
08/18/09 Dudley Do-Right 9"H Beanbag (Dudley2)
08/18/09 Donkey Kong 7 1/2"H Beanbag (DonkeyKong2)
08/18/09 Fred Flintstone Director PVC Figure (Flint46)
08/18/09 Looney Tunes Wile E Coyote 5"H TNT Figure (Looney131)
08/18/09 Pogo and Porky Pine Figures (Pogo1 and Pogo6)
08/18/09 Sesame Street Elmo TYCO Beanbag (Sesame5)
07/14/09 18" Plush ALF (ALF18)
07/14/09 5" Snoopy FLying Ace Mini Plush Beanbag (Snoopy80)
05/20/2009 Looney Tunes Pepe LePew Plush (Looney52)
05/20/2009 M&M Blue Topper Ornament with Candy Cane (MM57)
05/18/2009 Garfield's NERMAL 5 1/2"H Dakin Plush (Garfield110)
05/18/2009 10" Snuggle Bear Plush (Snuggle7)
03/02/2009 Little Caesar 7" Bean Bag (Caesar2)
03/02/2009 Mork from Ork 3 3/4"H Figure (Mork3)
11/24/2008 Wile E. Coyote TNT (Looney131) and Bugs Bunny Carrot Guitar (Looney84) Figures
11/24/2008 Newport Cigarette Jackpot Ball in Hole Game CUP (Newport1)
11/24/2008 Snoopy Comic Viewer Head (Snoopy120)
10/02/2008 ALF 'Cookin' with Alf' Hand Puppet (Alf16)
10/02/2008 ET Video Box Toy (ET18), ET 3" Bendy Toy (ET11)
10/02/2008 Yogi and Boo-Boo in Rolling Picnic Basket Car (Hanna14)
10/02/2008 KoolAid Man figure with Sunglasses (KoolAid6) and KoolAid Man Figure with Basketball (KoolAid13)
10/02/2008 Taz Breaking Wood Figure (Looney40)
10/02/2008 Pink Panther Bedtime Figure with Candle (Pink19)
10/02/2008 Sesame Street Bert Mini Bean (Sesame8), The Count Bean Bag (Sesame19), Cookie Monster Figure on Raft (Sesame16), Ernie Figure with Book & Apple (Sesame59)
10/02/2008 Mystery Machine Pull-Back Van (Scooby27)
10/01/2008 Dudley Do-Right 1970's 5"H Pepsi Glass (Dudley12)
10/01/2008 Flintstones Movie Car with Fred and Barney (Flint16)
10/01/2008 Green Giant Lil Sprout 'Pasta Accents' Vinyl Figure (Giant6)
10/01/2008 M&M Blue Mini Dispenser/Keychain Clip (MM64)
08/19/2008 Scrappy-Doo Wind-Up Walker Figure (Scooby13)
08/07/2008 Garfield Glass Mug "Use your friends wisely" (Garfield39)
08/07/2008 ALF 18"H Plush (ALF18)
05/08/2008 Natasha Fatale 5" Pepsi Glass (Bullwinkle17)
05/08/2008 15"H Snuggle Bear Plush (Snuggle5)
05/06/2008 Wile E. Coyote 1970's Pepsi Glass (Looney107)
05/06/2008 Pogo's Friend Howland Owl Figure (Pogo4)
05/06/2008 Camp Snoopy Glasses (Snoopy6)
04/18/2008 Happy Days Fonzie Action Figure from Exclusive Premiere (HappyDays2)
04/03/2008 Swee Pea Bean Bag (Popeye4)
04/03/2008 Ernie Sesame Street Mini Bean (Sesame9)
11/15/2007 Kermit Muppets in Space Plush Clip-On (Muppets24)
10/05/2007 Archies Set of 4 Vehicles (Archies3)
09/20/2007 Jetsons Family Saucer PVC from Applause (Jetsons33)
09/20/2007 Smurfs Puffy Vinyl Stickers (Smurf49)
09/20/2007 C3PO Beanbag (StarWars23), Salacious Crumb Beanbag (StarWars25) & Figrin D'an Beanbag (StarWars29)
09/20/2007 Gizmo Gremlin 7"H Plush 1984 Applause (Gremlins11)
08/20/2007 ALF 18" Plush (Alf18) & Orbiter Plush Hand Puppet (Alf17)
08/20/2007 Bud Light Spuds McKenzie Christmas Fluted Glass (Bud19)
08/20/2007 Rocky Squirrel from Bullwinkle Plush Beanbag (Bullwinkle2) and Rocky Pepsi Glass (Bullwinkle43)
08/20/2007 California Raisin Female Valentine Figure (Raisin26)
08/20/2007 Dow Scrubbing Bubbles Vinyl Figure (Dow2)
08/20/2007 Fred Flintstone & Dino in Race Car (Flint41)
08/20/2007 Judy Jetson in Space Vehicle (Jetsons9)
08/20/2007 Kellogg's Tony The Tiger 7"H Beanbag (Kelloggs43)
08/20/2007 Peter Pan Posable Figure (PeterPan2)
08/20/2007 Grumpy Beanbag from Snow White (SnowWhite23)
08/20/2007 Sugar Bear 4 1/2"H Plush (SugarBear2)
08/20/2007 Piglet, Owl, Rabbit and Gopher Mattel Beanbags from Winnie the Pooh
08/20/2007 Underdog Pepsi Glass (UnderDog1)
05/29/2007 M&M Orange in Dumptruck Minis Dispenser (MM20)
04/03/2007 Gilligan Exclusive Premiere Doll (Gilligan1)
11/22/2006 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerio Bean Bag (GenMills3) and Count Chocula Bean Bag (GenMills11)
08/30/2006 Flintstones Pebbles PEZ (Flint6)
08/30/2006 Pinocchio 10" Disney Store Beanbag (Pinocchio9)
08/30/2006 Snidley Whiplash 15" Plush (Dudley13)
08/30/2006 Snow White's Seven Dwarfs DOC Vinyl Doll (SnowWhite7)
08/19/2006 Campbell's Soup Kids Heavy Mug (Campbell19)
08/19/2006 Pebbles Flintstone Dino Racer & StoneAge Cruiser (Flintstone53 & Flintstone18)
08/19/2006 George Jetson on Space Platform (Jetsons14)
08/19/2006 M&M Lazy Boy Dispenser (MM38)
08/19/2006 Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Dough Boy Vinyl Doll (Pillsbury1)
08/16/2006 Pooh's Friend Owl Beanbag (Pooh26)
08/16/2006 Bert TYCO Beanbag (Sesame39)
08/03/2006 Natasha Fatale Hot Wheels Car (Bullwinkle14)
08/03/2006 Fraggle Rock set of 4 Veggie Cars & RED Under 3 (Fraggle1)
08/03/2006 Odie 18"H Dakin Plush (Garfield50)
08/03/2006 Hawaiian Punch Punchy Keychain (HPunch1)
08/03/2006 Taz LED Alarm Clock (Looney69)
08/03/2006 Alfred E Neuman Mad Magazine Bobblehead Doll (Mad5)
08/03/2006 Pooh & Piglet Vinyl Bank (Pooh38)
08/03/2006 Bart and Maggie Simpson Cloth Dolls with Vinyl Heads (Bart 42 & Bart 32)
08/03/2006 10"H Snuggle Bear Plush (Snuggle7)
08/02/2006 Hershey Juggler Dispenser (Hershey 12)
08/01/2006 M&M Blue Sax Dispenser & Jukebox Dispenser (MM31 & MM76)
08/01/2006 Snoopy Purple Easter Egg Bank (Snoopy91)
07/20/2006 M&M Orange Baseball Dispenser (MM35)
05/22/2006 Sesame Street Ernie Beanbag (Sesame38) and Barkley Mini Bean (Sesame13)
05/22/2006 Donkey Kong Bean Bag (DonkeyKong2) and GREEN Yoshi Beanbag (Yoshi3)
05/12/2006 Winnie the Pooh's Piglet Bean Bag Character (Mattel) (Pooh3)
05/12/2006 Sesame Street Ernie Mini Bean (Sesame9)
05/12/2006 Snow White Dwarf Doc Plush (SnowWhite17)
05/09/2006 Marge Simpson Plush Doll with Vinyl Head (Bart35)
04/24/2006 Tony The Tiger Plush & Jointed Plush (Kelloggs10 & Kelloggs11)
04/24/2006 Scooby Doo Zombie Island Hamburger Toy (Scooby51)
02/14/2006 Twinkie the Kid Twinkie Holder (Twinkie1)
01/31/2006 Snidely Whiplash Beanbag Character (Dudley4)
12/13/2005 Bush's Baked Beans Dog Beanbag Character (Bushs1)
12/13/2005 Wizard of Oz Dorothy & Toto PVC Figure (Oz5)
12/12/2005 Sesame Street Tickle Me Cookie Monster small (Sesame3)
12/08/2005 California Raisin Figures Santa Hat (Raisin16), Bass Player (Riaisn18), Sax Player Lg (Raisin19), Winking Red Shoes (Raisin20), Turquoise Sunglasses (Raisin21)
12/08/2005 Starkist Charlie Tuna Beanbag Character (Starkist2)
11/08/2005 Bullwinkle Plush Toy Network Doll (Bullwinkle36)
10/28/2005 Strawberry Shortcake Jointed Doll (Shortcake1)
10/24/2005 Looney Tunes Space Jam 8 Piece Set (Looney54)
10/24/2005 M&M 4 Piece Rolling Christmas Train Set Set (MM105) and M&M Red Postman Topper (MM11) and M&M Cupid Action Topper (MM63)
10/19/2005 Bullwinkle's Boris Badenov Bendy Figure (Bullwinkle32)
10/07/2005 Snow White Cloth Mattel Doll (SnowWhite1)
09/21/2005 Campbell's Soup Kids Mugs (Campbell19)
09/21/2005 Dino "Take 1" Figure (Flint24)
09/21/2005 Odie 9 1/2"H Beanbag Character (Garfield80)
09/21/2005 Gumby 6"H Bendy Figure (Gumby4)
09/21/2005 Quickdraw McGraw and Baba Looey in Wagon Car (Hanna32)
09/21/2005 Taz Beanbag Character and Taz Plastic Mug (Looney72 & Looney80)
09/21/2005 Scooby Doo Beanbag Character (Scooby4)
09/21/2005 Snoopy Christmas Ornaments (Snoopy30 and Snoopy31)
09/21/2005 Tom & Jerry 5"H Pepsi Collectors Glass TOM (TomJerry3)
09/16/2005 ALF Hand Puppet - Orbiters (ALF17)
09/16/2005 Looney Tunes TAZ PVC Plastic Figure (Looney40)
09/16/2005 M&M Christmas Topper Red Painting Train (MM86)
09/16/2005 Pillsbury Dough Boy Vinyl Doll and Ceramic Spoon Rest (Pillsbury 1 and Pillsbury7)
09/06/2005 Garfield Large Plush (Garfield32)
08/29/2005 Cheerios Honey Nut Bee Beanbag Character (GenMills3)
08/29/2005 NASCAR Jell-o Molds (Nascar3)
07/20/2005 Sesame Street Telly Monster and Zoe Beanbag Characters (Sesame6 & Sesame7)
06/24/2005 Gilligan's Island MaryAnn Figure (MaryAnn1)
06/09/2005 Curious George 14"H Plush (George4)
06/09/2005 ALF 18"H Plush (Alf18)
06/09/2005 A-Team Mr. T Bobblehead Doll (ATeam2)
06/09/2005 Cheerios Honey Nut Bee Beanbag Character (GenMills3)
06/09/2005 M&M At The Movies Dispenser (MM1)
05/23/2005 Bullwinkle Beanbag Character (Bullwinkle1)
05/23/2005 E.T. PVC Figure with Speak & Spell (ET4)
05/23/2005 M&M Lazy Boy Dispenser(MM38)
05/03/2005 Coneheads Figures (Coneheads2 and Coneheads4)
05/03/2005 John Belushi Saturday Night Live Figure (Belushi2)
03/30/2005 Gilligan's Island Gilligan in Boat from Matchbox (Gilligan2)
02/08/2005 Planters Mr. Peanut Bendy(Planters6)
02/08/2005 Starkist Charlie Tuna Bendy(Starkist2)
02/08/2005 Chester Cheetah Cheetos Bendy(Cheetos1)
01/31/2005 Ernie Keebler Elf 11" Beanbag Character(Keebler4)
01/13/2005 California Raisins Bass Player (Raisin18)
01/10/2005 16"H Pillsbury Dough Boy Talking Plush Doll (Pillsbury15)
01/03/2005 Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Whistle (OM2)
01/03/2005 Kool Aid Man Figure with Sunglasses (KoolAid6)
12/20/2004 Beavis & Butthead - Beavis and Cornholio Pens (Beavisbutt10 & Beavisbutt12)
12/09/2004 Snoopy Wind Up Walker by Aviva (Snoopy41)
12/08/2004 Snuggle Bear Plush & Plush Puppets (Snuggle5 Snuggle7 Snuggle8)
12/07/2004 Pink Panther Bendy Figure (Pink3)
11/18/2004 M&M Fun Machine Dispenser (MM46)
10/28/2004 Rocky The Squirrel Beanbag Character (Bullwinkle2)
10/28/2004 M&M Blue Plush Halloween Doll (MM65)
10/28/2004 Snuggle Bear Beanbag Character (Snuggle1)
10/28/2004 Star Wars C3PO Beanbag Character (StarWars23)
10/05/2004 Fat Albert Figure (FatAlbert3) & Ol' Weird Harold Cereal Bowl (FatAlbert1)
09/17/2004 George and Elroy Jetson on Space Platforms (Jetsons14 & Jetsons3)
09/17/2004 Ernie The Keebler Elf Beanbag Character (Keebler4)
09/17/2004 Pillsbury Dough Boy Beanbag Characters (Pillsbury10)
09/03/2004 5"H Underdog Pepsi Colelctors Series Glass (Underdog1)
08/09/2004 General Mills Breakfast Beanbag Characters Count Chocula, Trix Rabbit, Lucky Leprechaun (GenMills11, GenMills1, GenMIlls6)
07/12/2004 Polly-O Parrot Plush Beanbag Character (Polly1)
06/12/2004 Snuggle Bear Full Body Plush Puppet (Snuggle8) and 10" Plush (Snuggle7)
06/01/2004 Joe Camel 75th Anniversary Mug (Camel4)
06/01/2004 M&M Orange Dumptruck Mini Dispenser (MM20)
06/01/2004 Pillsbury Dough Boy 12" Ceramic Cookie Jar (Pillsbury6)
06/01/2004 Camp Snoopy Glasses (Snoopy3 - Snoopy8)
06/01/2004 Spiderman Web Car (Spidey14)
05/28/2004 Iron Maiden Metal Lunchbox w/ Thermos (Iron1) & Eddie Killers Figure (Iron3)
05/28/2004 Kurt Cobain Metal Lunchbox & Thermos (Nirvana1)
05/24/2004 ET Plush with Sweatshirt (ET9)
05/24/2004 Tigger Bouncing & Talking (Pooh12) and Pooh Easter Bunny Beanbag Character (Pooh4)
05/24/2004 Woodstock Halloween Beanbag Character with Bat Wings (Snoopy57)
05/19/2004 Campbell's Kids Soup Mugs (Campbell19)
05/19/2004 M&M Blue Bendy (MM5), M&M Blue Basketball Dispenser (MM32), M&M Blue Sax Dispenser (MM31)
05/18/2004 Peanuts Chex Canteen (Snoopy48)
05/17/2004 Del Monte Country Yumkins Pineapple (DelMonte3) & Peach (DelMonte5)
05/17/2004 Holly Hobbie Stoneware Mug (HollyHobbie3)
05/17/2004 Joey Ramone Action Figure (Ramones2)

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